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If you want to learn how to avoid those dead areas in your grass, keep reading...

You may have heard the saying "grass doesn't grow where the dogs go." It's true!

If you have a furry friend or two, you may notice that after they pee on your beautiful green grass, it turns color and becomes quite unsightly.

"How do I stop those nasty pee-rings?"

At Green Choice, we get this question A LOT. I've had six calls just this past week asking how to avoid and fix this problem, so I thought I would share what I told them with you.

Unfortunately, as pet owners who also want beautiful green grass, it puts us in a tough spot.

Unless you have a designated area for your dog to relieve himself, these pee spots in your grass will be everywhere, at random. If your dogs are anything like mine, its tough to train them to stick to one area! I mean, sometimes they find a "favorite spot," but more often than not, they like to try out a lot of different areas (hopefully they stay on your own property, at least!).

Short of following your dogs around with a garden hose to flush the newly "marked" area with water, there isn't much you can do to completely eliminate this situation.

The good news is that healthy grass spreads when cared for properly. A fall-time core aeration and overseeding by a professional lawn care company like Green Choice can help make your lawn healthy and lush again. With this procedure, we punch thousands of holes all over your lawn and we broadcast grass seed over those holes where they will germinate and begin to grow.

The best time for lawn repairs like this is in the fall time, because the cooler soil temperatures help promote growth. In the spring and summer, weeds tend to take over any new growth and they are more difficult to control.

So, the best ways to limit those unpleasant pee rings until fall time is to designate a specific area or two, and flush those areas with plenty of water from your garden hose.

We will be ready to help you fix those areas come Fall time!

Green choice proudly provides commercial and residential lawn care service Plainville Connecticut, lawn care service Southington Connecticut, lawn care service Farmington Connecticut, lawn care service Avon Connecticut and lawn care service West Hartford Connecticut. Call us to schedule today!

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