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Want to make the most of your yard into fall while getting a head start on spring? Some simple steps in the early fall can keep your lawn greener longer, and give you a beautiful lawn earlier next spring. Here's how.


As late fall approaches, begin to gradually bring the cutting height down on your mower. It's important to do this in several steps to avoid removing all the green leaf tissue and damaging the turf.

Leaf Raking

Raking leaves in the fall can be a big job, especially if you're lucky enough to have big, old trees in your neighborhood!

When it comes to fall lawn care, fallen leaves should be raked up as soon as possible; you don’t want to wait until all the leaves have fallen from the trees! If leaves are left unraked, they can pile up to the point of suffocating the grass, causing dead patches. It will also restrict air flow and sunlight to your lawn thus keeping it from growing and building winter hardiness. A thick mat of wet leaves could damage your lawn beyond recovery causing the need for reseeding of patches next spring. Fungal diseases can also become a problem over the winter if matted down leaves are covering the lawn.

Winterize Your Lawn

When we think of winterizing, we think of protecting things like boats for the winter. You also should winterize your lawn.

A lawn care service and winterization program gives you both short and long term benefits. This application keeps your lawn greener later in the fall and makes it come out greener earlier in spring. It protects your lawn through winter and develops a stronger root system so your lawn will look better with less watering next summer.

Top Tip: Lawn equipment storage

There’s a much easier way to properly store your lawn equipment. To avoid damage over the winter, simply use a quality fuel stabilizer and fresh fuel before putting equipment away for the season.

At Green Choice Lawns, we want to give you a beautiful lawn all year long. That means making the most of the season well into fall and early in the spring. Our ongoing maintenance and seasonal programs give you custom options that meet the needs of you and your lawn. We provide commercial and residential lawn care service Plainville Connecticut, lawn care service Southington Connecticut, lawn care service Farmington Connecticut, lawn care service Avon Connecticut and lawn care service West Hartford Connecticut. Call us to schedule today!

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