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When looking for a beautiful and healthier lawn, you may often hear a term called slice seeding. Let's take a closer look.

Slice seeding is done with a piece of equipment called a slice seeder. Using this, the soil is sliced with steel blades that create furrows. Slice seeding puts the seed directly into the soil in the furrows as opposed to simply spreading the seeds on top of the ground.

Slice Seeding Benefits

Instead of spreading the seed over the ground, known as overseeding, placing the seeds down into the soil via slice seeding gives the seeds a much better chance to germinate.

Slice seeders are expert seed planters. The machine can be adjusted to slice the ground for the proper depth for the seed you are using as well as provide an even planting bed. The furrow is created as the seed is placed in the soil.

You can expect to see better and more dramatic results using slice seeding. A professional lawn care company can help with this.

When Not to use Slice Seeding

If your lawn has a high percentage of weeds or thatch, it will be difficult for the seed to reach where it needs to be in the soil. Thatch is both living and dead material that forms at the base of grass plants. This can include grass clippings and mulch. This eventually breaks down, but it would warrant a different type of seeding for grass.

Next Steps

Once your lawn has been slice seeded, the lawn will need to be watered daily for close to a month to help encourage germination.

How We Can Help

Green Choice Lawns is your experienced expert lawn care provider. We provide custom lawn care options for our customers for not only seeding but year-round commercial and residential lawn care service Plainville Connecticut. In addition to our headquarters in Plainville, we proudly provide lawn care service Avon Connecticut, lawn care service Farmington Connecticut, lawn care service Southington Connectiut and lawn care service West Hartford Connecticut.

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