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Leading provider of turf care treatments

Green Choice has built our reputation on our expert lawn fertilization services – but we do so much more than give our clients golf course quality, lush green grass. The Green Choice team of experienced, skilled and licensed lawn care professionals also offers an extensive portfolio of residential and commercial lawn applications including:

• Perimeter Pest Control
• Tree & Shrub Fertilization
• Lawn Aerating / Core Aeration
• Lawn Renovation and Installs
• Slice Seeding
• Hydro Seeding

It’s not enough to offer a comprehensive suite of lawn care treatments. At Green Choice, we can customize all of our applications and programs. You’ll never have to endure cookie-cutter strategies and solutions with us. Instead, we strategically refine our methods based on individual customer requirements and overall property vision to yield optimal results.

Most importantly, we don’t just work in Connecticut – we live here, too. We understand what it takes to make the soil, grass, trees and gardens here thrive throughout every season. Green Choice breaks down our treatments into several phases for long-term, sustainable results that last all year long. Don’t need a year-round treatment program for your yard? Not a problem; Green Choice also offers single application on many of our treatments to ensure our clients get exactly what they need, when they need it.


Turf care treatments throughout the year


What Sets Us Apart?

Our full-service lawn care capabilities, premium quality products, and high-end equipment quickly set us apart from the competition. The Green Choice crew strategically uses highly effective liquid and granular fertilizers that penetrate to the roots of grass, trees, and shrubs, enhancing the beauty and overall health of your yard. No matter what the current condition of your property, Green Choice is truly your one-stop solution for all of your lawn and turf care needs. We can quickly and effectively take your yard from unsightly to spectacular!


Excellence Is Our Top Priority

At Green Choice, we are a results-driven lawn care business that truly values our customers. We make client service excellence our top priority on every project we undertake. Our one-on-one customer care and attention, extensive industry insight, and prompt response time quickly separate us from other providers. Most importantly, Green Choice offers competitive pricing on all of our services and programs to ensure our clients enjoy optimal value at all times.

Are you ready to enjoy golf course quality greens right in your own backyard? Contact Green Choice to hear more about our extensive service offerings.

Call Today 860-384-1484

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