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Worried about dangerous ticks?

At Green Choice, we kill ticks. We know that dreaded ticks do more than just prevent our customers from enjoying their lawns and outdoor living spaces as often as they’d like; these nasty insects can also pose serious health risks to family, friends and pets. Ticks can spread a wide range of harmful diseases and sicknesses to both humans and animals, including:

  • Lyme disease

  • Ehrlichiosis

  • Babesiosi

  • Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

  • Tularemia

  • Ticks can also transmit the newly discovered (and lethal) Powassan virus


Green Choice’s tickFIX™ uses high-powered, state-of-the-art equipment and a patented insecticide to significantly reduce the tick population throughout your property. Our skilled, experienced and licensed technicians treat your residential or business yard and perimeters as well focus on the surrounding areas of your property where these insects are most likely to thrive:

  • High grass

  • Weed patches

  • Ornamental ground cover

Beyond these potential trouble spots, Green Choice also sprays the first 10+ feet of property abutting wooded areas, 15+ feet into any wooded areas directly and any other areas that are deemed suspect. We thoroughly cover all suspect regions to ensure the best coverage possible.


Our highly effective process kills ticks

Pick The Right Fix For Your Property 

At Green Choice, we pride ourselves on delivering treatments that are customized to meet our client’s individual needs. We offer various tick treatment models to guarantee that our home and business owners receive exactly the care and attention their properties need to achieve desired results. Green Choice clients can opt for single-spray tickFIX™ applications as needed throughout the year, or choose our highly effectively tickFIX MAX™ three spray program.

Green Choice’s tickFIX MAX™ service offers three treatments throughout the year for full-time coverage:

TickFIX graphic.png

Spring tickFIX™

Ticks often come back in full force right after the first thaw, making it critical to treat your property as soon as the spring season sets in. Green Choice will thoroughly spray your yard in early spring, specifically targeting nymph ticks to kill them before they can become adults.

TickFIX graphic.png

Summer tickFIX™

Even though spring is peak season for ticks, summer can also mean large populations are lurking right outside your front door. Green Choice summer treatment focuses on the adult population of ticks spread throughout your property.

TickFIX graphic.png

Fall tickFIX™

Our potent insecticide targets full-grown ticks as well as pregnant ticks. This treatment is designed to reduce the overall tick population as we head into winter to minimize future outbreaks in the spring.

Don't let ticks stop you from enjoying your yard this year. Contact the Green Choice team today to learn more about tickFIX

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